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In 2012 I finished Architecture studies at the Wrocław University of Technology. (2009-2010 scholarship at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal.)
I'm mostly interested in designing public and social spaces, however I also like every new challenges.
I'm still expanding my knowlegde, design tools and skills and I hope to find a job, that enables me to gain professional experience.

In this page I'd like to present my work and the way I see Architecture. Designing has always fascinated me, because it helps to understand surrounding space and enables people to live in proper conditions, respecting culture and nature. This very interdisciplinary profession always surprises and creates new paths of thinking.

I'm mostly inspired by architects and researchers that concentrate on psychological influence of architecture, not just sculpturing unreasonable forms.

For me, HUMAN SPACE is a compact definition of Architecture.

" (...) The presence of other people, activities, events, inspiration and stimulation comprise one of the most important qualities of public spaces altogether."

Jan Gehl  

Marta Anna Zaremba​
née Bredschneider



Photo by Elżbieta Styrcz

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