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The contest for elaboration the concept of the model upper lusatian half-timbered house​

​The idea is based on local historical building engineering. Building technologies are contemporary. Facade is inspired by nature (grass blades). This form should assure identification and emotional connection with the house and local tradition for inhabitants. Contemporary appearance can  also create a cosy, warm space for living. Thus, the building fulfills conditions for present-day family.​

The construction of the building is based on upper lusatian half-timbered house tradition. On the groundfloor in northern part is placed brick which is covered with

a mineral plaster. The southern part has a inner construction columns that carry the upper part of house (wooden frames construction). Oaken frame elements are visible in elevation, their arrangement is inspired by grass blades. Ceilings and roof are built  in wooden construction.

Teamwork with Agnieszka Wolska




"Roca designer" contest



Modular Kindergarten

Teamwork with Doris Fuławka and Anna Żebrowska-Kulczycka


Cemetery chapel with crematorium in Koszalin

The project was also an engineering thesis. It contains the conception of a cemetery chapel expansion. A new form respects a historical building and its surrounding. Designed functions enable a dignified farewell in various religious rites.

Guided by Dr inż. arch. Stanisław Lose


Wisniowski home design

The contest for usage the building products.




Picnic in the city

A conception of an urban furniture, that enables resting and picnic in the city centre. The object is folded. The light and construction "pneumocell" is filled with air. Later the inflatable elements are hidden into a black cubes.

Temawork with Ludmiła Polechońska

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